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Earlier this year, photographers Alessandro Cosmelli and Gaia Light joined actors in Bedford, Pennsylvania, where a nearby abandoned village served as the backdrop for an Elbe Day re-enactment. Elba Day took place on April 25, 1945, shortly before the fall of Berlin and the end of World War II.

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After the Japanese government put a muzzle on Kansuke Yamamoto’s writings, the surreal artist expressed himself through his art. His anti-government ideals peak through his photocompositions, which range from straightforward gelatin prints to combination prints with multiple negatives to multimedia pieces.

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After realizing he was part of the last generation who could talk to Holocaust survivors, Maciek Nabrdalik embarked on a project to document their stories. His subjects, forgetting their pictures were being taken, would recall their time in Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

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