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Lynsey Addario had visited eastern Congo several times to cover the conflicts and plight of the women who live there. She always came back with the same story – they had been raped and beaten, and it was hard to see anything positive in their lives. But she recently returned to tell another story, a story of redemption.

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Gary Knight went to Iraq ahead of the conflict in 2003 to document the brewing war. He kept diaries of the events, which will be published alongside his photographs in an exhibition at the Bronx Documentary Center in New York, starting Thursday, March 14, in conjunction with the 10-year anniversary of the war’s start.

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After realizing he was part of the last generation who could talk to Holocaust survivors, Maciek Nabrdalik embarked on a project to document their stories. His subjects, forgetting their pictures were being taken, would recall their time in Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

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Alex Seifalian’s lab at University College London is helping humans who lose body parts to repair their bodies the way a newt would if it lost its tail – by growing another. Photographer Seamus Murphy visited the lab on assignment with the Daily Mail to document the lab's work.

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Since South Sudan gained its independence, continued violence and food shortages have pushed 65,000 Sudanese refugees a town that can’t support the influx of people. The people suffer from diarrhea, malnutrition and other water-borne diseases. Photographer John Stanmeyer documents the health crisis.

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Stephanie Sinclair documented 11-year-old Destaye's wedding in 2008 for her award-winning project on child marriage. Four years later, Sinclair met Destaye again as a 15-year-old mother and homemaker. The publication of these photos marks the first annual International Day of the Girl Child.

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Mr. English Beauty

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Purple lights line the runway of the beauty pageant. Backstage, 4-year-old Taylor changes out of a dinosaur costume into a white tuxedo. By the end of the contest, he will earn the title of Mr. English Beauty in Norwich, England. Photographer Jocelyn Bain Hogg captured the essence of the competition while on assignment.

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Photojournalist Ed Kashi spent three weeks in Brazil examining the farming and consumption of sugar and ethanol. He also spent a week traveling to factories in the Netherlands that use sugar as an ingredient. His work is part of a collaborative project, “The Sweet and Sour Story of Sugar."

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