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In 2004, Christopher Nunn says he wasn't yet pursuing photography very seriously. Five years later his casual approach turned into something with much more of a purpose. He learned that his friend, world-renowned artist David Blackburn, was suffering from dementia. Nunn took on the task of telling his story.

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London gang leader Jean-Claude asked photographer Adam Patterson to take his picture for an underground music studio. It turned into a photo project that Patterson believes helped Jean-Claude leave gang life behind. “I gained a good friend in Jean-Claude," Patterson said.

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Alex Seifalian’s lab at University College London is helping humans who lose body parts to repair their bodies the way a newt would if it lost its tail – by growing another. Photographer Seamus Murphy visited the lab on assignment with the Daily Mail to document the lab's work.

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Two years ago, on a drive through Ireland, photojournalist Birte Kaufmann saw a group of people camped on the side of the road. Intrigued, she began digging for more information, hoping to find out more about them. The Irish Travellers, as they’re called, are the biggest minority group in the country.

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Mr. English Beauty

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Purple lights line the runway of the beauty pageant. Backstage, 4-year-old Taylor changes out of a dinosaur costume into a white tuxedo. By the end of the contest, he will earn the title of Mr. English Beauty in Norwich, England. Photographer Jocelyn Bain Hogg captured the essence of the competition while on assignment.

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After a 12-year hiatus sparked by World War II, London hosted the 1948 Summer Games, known to many as the Austerity Olympics. Photographer Joseph Turp located many of the British Olympians more than 60 years after the event and took their portraits. Here, they are staged next to a souvenir each participant kept.

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Joseph Turp • Olympics • Panos Pictures • Portraits • United Kingdom
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For 20 years, Paul Treacy has been a photojournalist and street photographer. In his project "Boyhood," Treacy aims to apply his journalistic approach to capturing the essence of boyhood through pictures of his two sons, endeavoring to reveal the innocence and freedom of childhood.

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Millennium Images • Paul Treacy • U.S. • United Kingdom • World
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Swedish photographer Anders Petersen moved to London for a month last year and turned his camera to the city’s famous Soho district, a transformed area once known for its sex shops and nightlife. “I think it is even more friendly today and perhaps more open for everyone,” he said.

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