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Amid the spiral of violence and chaos in eastern Ukraine this year, photographer Christopher Nunn set out to document the quieter side of the conflict. He spent a couple of days in late May with conscripted soldiers of the Ukrainian army, observing ordinary people who’d been dragged into an extraordinary situation.

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German photographer Robin Hinsch trudged through the blackened sludge and bloodstains left in Kiev’s riot-torn main square, the Maidan, to profile the faces behind the anti-government protests that culminated in the overthrow of Russian-backed President Viktor Yanukovych.

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Call it a mix between Halloween, New Year's and Carnival: The Malanka festival is steeped in Romanian folk tradition but still vibrantly observed in parts of Ukraine with costumes, carols and lavish meals. Italian-born photographer Alessandro Vincenzi photographed the multi-day festival at this years celebration.

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Kirill Golovchenko was fascinated with bodybuilding growing up in Ukraine in the 1980s. While Golovchenko never quite attained a bodybuilder’s physique, he felt like he’d been transported to the age of the Cimmerians when he set foot for the first time on Kachalka, an outdoor gym in Kiev, Ukraine's capital.

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In 2010, photographer Maxim Dondyuk met a man with tuberculosis of the bowels in Ukraine. "A week later, I was with him in the last hours of his life. He could not move and talk; his body was like a skeleton covered with skin," he said. A Ukrainian native, Dondyuk has documented the issue in two regions.

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