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Moises Saman's camera shows the littlest victims of Syria's civil war: the children. Saman has been capturing dramatic images among the 2 million refugees that the United Nations says have fled Syria since shortly after the conflict began in 2011. More than half are 16 and younger, the United Nations says.

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When he visited Syria in 2007, Nicolas Righetti kept seeing the same person everywhere he went. In the living room of a house, in a public square and in the back of a bus, he couldn't get away from the unblinking stare of Bashar al-Assad.

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Photographer Ake Ericson visited Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon in September to show how the ongoing civil war is affecting civilians, especially children. Many are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, he said, and you can see the distress in their eyes.

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The only warning sound is the roar of a plane flying overhead. Residents of Aleppo, Syria, keep constant watch on the sky, hoping to evade death from an airstrike. Bombs drop daily now, says photojournalist Ricardo Garcia Vilanova. Safety is a matter of chance, and the odds become worse with time.

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In a war zone like Syria, photojournalist Seamus Murphy knows that a helicopter hovering over a hospital is a bad sign. The Russian-made MI8 launched two rockets into the building. Working with a fixer in Turkey, Murphy spent three days in Syria last week.

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French-American photographer Jonathan Alpeyrie is only 33 years old but he’s captured the violence of 10 wars. Syria, he says, was the most intense, dangerous and unpredictable experience he’s ever had. He spent a week taking pictures, using the rebels’ homes and the dark of night to conceal himself.

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