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Living in Ostrava, an industrial city in Czech Republic near its northern border with Poland, photographer Viktor Kolar has seen the rise and fall of communism, the division of one country into two, and the decline of his home city as an industrial powerhouse. Throughout, he captured moments among the locals.

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Even in the seemingly most mundane of the visual world, Ray Metzker could create stark, abstract images and present a rich new view. With a career spanning half a century, it’s difficult to say that there is one theme to his work, but he has been consistent about capturing reality and the formal qualities that make it art.

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When Israeli photographer Natan Dvir first visited New York City, the skyscrapers and larger-than-life advertisements overwhelmed him. Everything was branded. He had never seen billboards at ground level before and was struck by the juxtaposition between the giant advertisements and the pedestrians on the street.

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Though he was a graphic designer by trade, Leon Levinstein’s photographs appeared in books and magazines in the 1950s and 60s. Even as a master of street photography, he was not interested in fame or glory. He captured people in natural moments, often remaining unnoticed himself.

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Photographer John Nowak began exploring Atlanta’s midtown neighborhood almost immediately after moving there in 2007. Camera in tow, he sought out the personality of his new city. What he found was a place still struggling to find its identity 40 years after the Civil Rights movement.

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In a world where texts, tweets and Facebook are constantly accessible through always-handy cell phones, it seems we are never left alone. Photographer Zack Arias’s #de_VICE series captures people who are lost in the world of their digital devices.

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