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Photojournalist David "Chim" Seymour studied chemistry and physics in Paris in the 1930s before becoming a freelance photographer. After covering the Spanish Civil War and serving in the U.S. Army, he founded Magnum Photos with Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, George Rodger and William Vandivert in 1947.

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When Israeli photographer Natan Dvir first visited New York City, the skyscrapers and larger-than-life advertisements overwhelmed him. Everything was branded. He had never seen billboards at ground level before and was struck by the juxtaposition between the giant advertisements and the pedestrians on the street.

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Photographer Ian Wagreich says the U.S. manufacturing sector is alive and well. For the past two years he has been making portraits of workers at dozens of factories and production plants across the country. “They’re the unknown heroes of the American economy,” he said.

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Born into segregation 100 years ago, Gordon Parks was no stranger to racism in the United States. Images of migrant workers in a magazine inspired him to explore the medium of photography. When he was 25, he bought his first camera from a pawn shop and taught himself how to use it.

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Though he was a graphic designer by trade, Leon Levinstein’s photographs appeared in books and magazines in the 1950s and 60s. Even as a master of street photography, he was not interested in fame or glory. He captured people in natural moments, often remaining unnoticed himself.

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The death of film

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Photographer Robert Burley has been documenting the demise of analog photography in the transition to the digital age since 2005. He started the project after discovering the Kodak Canada complex in his native Toronto was being shut down in response to the drop in the demand for film.

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For his project exploring the small mountain towns and mining communities in the American West, Bryan Schutmaat tried to emanate the beauty and sorrow of Richard Hugo’s poetry. The poet’s work focusing on the Northwest during the Depression often directed Schutmaat to certain towns.

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Two years ago, on a drive through Ireland, photojournalist Birte Kaufmann saw a group of people camped on the side of the road. Intrigued, she began digging for more information, hoping to find out more about them. The Irish Travellers, as they’re called, are the biggest minority group in the country.

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