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After a 12-year hiatus sparked by World War II, London hosted the 1948 Summer Games, known to many as the Austerity Olympics. Photographer Joseph Turp located many of the British Olympians more than 60 years after the event and took their portraits. Here, they are staged next to a souvenir each participant kept.

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Scientists estimate that another species becomes extinct every 20 minutes. Marc Schlossman has been exploring the depths of extinction at the Field Museum in Chicago. Documenting birds, amphibians and reptiles lost to history, his ongoing project questions the role of humans as the rate of extinction continues.

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After being hit hard by Hurricane Katrina and again by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, coastal communities in Louisiana are dealing with massive erosion. Photographer Kael Alford spent five years exploring the issue and reconnecting with a portion of her heritage.

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As a native of oil-rich Nigeria, photographer George Osodi says he has seen the devastation, conflict and injustice caused by drilling for the “black gold.” He spent 2003-2007 documenting the Delta State and “the exploitation of its riches.”

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