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Yom Kippur War

- 10 - 04 - 13

On October 6, 1973, Egypt launched a surprise attack on Israeli soldiers at the east bank of the Suez Canal. It was the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, and many soldiers were praying in synagogues. Photographer Micha Bar-Am covered the inside of a war that changed dynamics and psyches throughout the Middle East.

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As the United States and the world wait for the war in Afghanistan to come to a close, so do the allied soldiers still on the ground in the tumultuous country. Photojournalist Andrew Burton traveled to the region in January and again in March to get a better understanding of the war.

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While visiting her parents' homeland of Lebanon, photojournalist Natalie Naccache noticed most families had a maid who assumed many household roles: cook, housekeeper, mother, nurse. She says the maid culture is embedded in the Lebanese way of life, which is why she chose to capture it in her photo essay “No, Madam.”

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For more than a decade, images of war and death have filled most Americans’ minds when they think of Afghanistan. What is easily forgotten in times of war is the people. Daniel Berehulak gives a glimpse into daily life in the country’s capital of Kabul, as well the shifting security forces.

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During his first visit to Libya in 2011, Mads Nissen photographed the people involved in the emerging civil war. Nissen returned to the hotspots of the civil war in 2012 to find demolished, abandoned buildings and homes. The silence, he said, was in ways scarier than the noise of war.

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Photographer Rania Matar decided to photograph teenage girls alone in their bedrooms, what she considers an “extension of the girl,” after watching her 15-year-old daughter transform into a complete stranger. Matar’s images come from the United States and the Middle East, including refugee camps.

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