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Photographer Hana Knizova took pictures of Los Angeles youth: The aspiring models, actors, singers and fashion designers who dream of fame and fortune. Each shoot was a collaboration. Knizova would let her subjects come up with ideas for their portraits, as well as where they wanted to be photographed.

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At the age of 16, while most young people were learning to drive, Brad Elterman was begging his brother to loan him his camera so he could take pictures of legendary musicians and movie stars, such as Joan Jett, David Bowie, John Travolta and Brooke Shields – the list goes on.

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Jessica Drake has appeared in roughly 300 X-rated films over the past 10 years. CNN and photographer Chris McPherson recently visited the set of “Tuff Love,” a mixed martial arts-themed action porn, to capture a day in her life. “Some people may think I take the acting part of my job a little too seriously,” she says.

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