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For centuries, artisans have been crafting statues of Hindu deities on the banks of the Hooghly River in Kolkata, India. Italian photographer Albertina d'Urso recently visited the historic Kumartuli district in the West Bengal capital.

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Rising tensions in India’s northeastern Assam province erupted in July, turning already impoverished ethnic groups into refugees when both simply want to be recognized and supported by the government. Photographer Vivek Singh recently visited the razed villages and refugee camps.

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India’s water supply has been stretched thin by a soaring population, a large agricultural sector and poor water management practices. Photojournalist Michael McElroy has been documenting the dire situation since his first visit to the country two years ago.

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Daesung Lee, an international photojournalist, spent two months photographing the people of Ghoramara Island, located in the Ganges Delta region in India’s West Bengal state. The island has been dramatically affected by global climate change.

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Photographer Daniel Berehulak describes the Sonepur Mela, one of Asia’s largest cattle fairs, as an attack on the senses. Held in Sonepur, near Patna, India, the fair originates from ancient times when people traded elephants and horses across the Ganges River. Berehulak photographed the event in November.

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