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Photographer Wolfgang Bellwinkel grew up in West Germany, and he said he was not particularly interested in life on the other side of the Iron Curtain when he was younger. But as Germany came together, he developed a growing interest in his secluded neighbors to the East.

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Even though it was closed down in 2010, Bar25 is burned into the collective memory of Berlin’s party culture. The legendary nightspot, which helped cement the German capital’s reputation as an after-hours destination, is the subject of a new photography book by Carolin Saage called “25/7.”

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Kai Wiedenhöfer photographed the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Over the last seven years, he has documented barriers that continue to divide people around the world. An exhibit of his panoramic images is now on display along a surviving stretch of the Iron Curtain.

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Meet the undertakers

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When German photographers Joanna Nottebrock and Insa Cathérine Hagemann chose to explore the topics of death and dying, they made a decision to do so as a team. With their series on undertakers, they hope to give the viewer a closer look at the men and women in an often berated line of work.

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Mustafah Abdulaziz is a photojournalist fresh to the Berlin music scene but is making a splash while learning what makes the city thrive. Recently transplanted from Brooklyn, he leveraged connections with Martinia Kix, a photo editor at Intro Magazine, to start photographing musicians.

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