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For his project exploring the small mountain towns and mining communities in the American West, Bryan Schutmaat tried to emanate the beauty and sorrow of Richard Hugo’s poetry. The poet’s work focusing on the Northwest during the Depression often directed Schutmaat to certain towns.

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In her series “Visages de Nuit,” Wendy Paton documents the unexpected scenes she comes across after dark. Wandering the streets of cities around the world, she finds comfort in unfamiliar settings, she says. “There is more of a mystery and feeling of surprise right around the corner.”

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Pike County, Georgia, is a bit off the beaten path. But that’s just what the organizers of the SlowExposures photography festival like about it. Co-director Chris Curry describes the area about an hour from Atlanta as “a two-traffic-light rural place” where car navigation systems often don’t work.

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Fine-art photographers often challenge perception and explore the boundaries between fact and fiction. Sixteen graduates of the School of Visual Arts in New York will have work on display next month at the Visual Arts Gallery's "Myths and Realities" exhibit.

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So many women have come to work in Ivanovo, Russia, that it has been dubbed the “city of brides.” For a year, student photographer Alena Zhandarova used social media to find women living in her hometown, the country’s once-textile capital.

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Through trial and error, Matthew Brandt found ways to incorporate the subject of his photographs into their development. He submerges his images in lake water, prints on the bark of trees and uses emulsion from honeybees.

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Shane Lavalette’s new series of photographs explores the people, places and environments that have given rise to and continue to inspire traditional Southern music such as blues, gospel, and bluegrass. His work will be part of an exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta beginning in June.

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At 15, Maria Sardari wanted an iPod for Christmas two years ago. Her mother insisted that she get a camera instead. Although she had never taken photography seriously before, she devoted herself to taking a picture every day for a year and learned as she went along.

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