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Sweetwater, Texas is home to the self-proclaimed “world’s largest” rattlesnake roundup. Some 40,000 people turn out every year in early March to hunt down rattlesnakes and then skin them, eat them, show them off, and learn from them. The nature of the event is what attracted David Kasnic to it in the first place.

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An escape from daily life can be found next week at the Burning Man event in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. Photographer Peikwen Cheng's ongoing “Lost and Found” series draws from his experience of “losing the ability to dream and then refinding it,” he said.

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Just before the official start of this year's carnival season, documentary photographer Charlie Shoemaker stumbled upon South Africa's annual "new New Year" festival on January 2. Lively, colorful participants with painted faces march through the streets of Cape Town, singing, dancing and playing instruments.

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Photographer Daniel Berehulak describes the Sonepur Mela, one of Asia’s largest cattle fairs, as an attack on the senses. Held in Sonepur, near Patna, India, the fair originates from ancient times when people traded elephants and horses across the Ganges River. Berehulak photographed the event in November.

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