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When looking to document rage, a feeling he was noticing more and more around him and in the news, Italian photographer Paolo Marchetti started with the far-right movement in Europe. From 2009 to 2013, he visited self-proclaimed fascists in five countries: Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Spain.

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Alisa Resnik has been working in German bars and restaurants for decades. She’s also been shooting photographs since age 10. Late at night, when Resnik’s work is done, those two worlds collide as she captures images focused on Berlin’s quiet hangouts, out-of-the-way cafes and old hotels.

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Photographers Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni rode with 600 pilgrims and volunteers as they took the “white train” from Reggio Calabria in southern Italy to the French town of Lourdes. Disabled believers make the journey annually in hopes of a miracle.

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Maxime the monk lives on a pillar, a practice that was started in the fifth century by Orthodox monks but has since been abandoned. Photographer Amos Chapple stayed with a group of men learning from Maxime at the base until he earned permission to visit the monk above the clouds.

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Three years ago, Roger Hayhurst was a 19-year-old who took on a superhero identity – the “Knight Warrior” – to discourage wrongdoing in his crime-ridden neighborhood. Since then he has met a girl, gotten engaged and hung up his cape. Photographer Jacob Russell got to know Hayhurst in and out of costume.

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The Olympics are a time for countries to come together and compete for glory, and the host cities use the event as a moment to shine. But what happens when the eternal flame moves on? Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit visited 13 Olympic hosts to document the legacy of the Games.

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While traveling in Greece, Dutch photographer Patrick van Dam noticed unfinished buildings and homes spotting the countryside. He had seen the photographs of people in despair due to the financial crisis in Greece, but he hadn’t seen this kind of structural beauty that had been born in the country’s troubles.

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Located in the southwest corner of Spain's Canary Islands is an environmentalist utopia called El Hierro. The island is now completely renewable energy self-sufficient. Benjamin Bechet traveled to El Hierro to document the breathtaking landscape of the island, the people and the technology that helps keep the island green.

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