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Photographer Laura El-Tantawy is traveling around the world to explore the changing relationship between farmers and their land. She recently took a series of abstract photos of the Nile River — the lifeblood of Egyptian farming — and she says the details speak to something much deeper.

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Photographer Brian Driscoll traveled to Egypt in 2011 to document the revolution. In the process, he connected with several young people involved in the protests. He tried to keep in contact after returning home and, through them, learned of a side of the revolution his photos had left unexposed.

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American photojournalist Sarah Elliott was surprised by how many women were involved in the Arab Spring. Inspired by what she saw, she began documenting women’s roles in the uprisings as the governments fell in Egypt and Libya last year.

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Thousands of Egyptian protesters spilled into the streets of Cairo one year ago today, and photographer Mahmoud Khaled Mahmoud found himself in the middle of what would become the Arab Spring. Months after the demonstrations died down, he returned to document what had changed.

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