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While traveling in Greece, Dutch photographer Patrick van Dam noticed unfinished buildings and homes spotting the countryside. He had seen the photographs of people in despair due to the financial crisis in Greece, but he hadn’t seen this kind of structural beauty that had been born in the country’s troubles.

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Architecture • Economy • Europe • Greece • Patrick van Dam
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Photographer Shiho Fukada has been covering the effects of Japan's economic crisis since 2009. She found that companies looking to cut costs have replaced full-time jobs with low-paid temp positions. As a result, people without enough money to pay rent in Tokyo are sleeping in Internet cafes.

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Photographer Ian Wagreich says the U.S. manufacturing sector is alive and well. For the past two years he has been making portraits of workers at dozens of factories and production plants across the country. “They’re the unknown heroes of the American economy,” he said.

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Black-and-white • Economy • Ian Wagreich • Photo Exhibit • Portraits • U.S.
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In an attempt to rise back to greatness, Pittsburgh "is now rising out of the ashes of the steel mills into a modern-day renaissance,” according to photographer Maddie McGarvey, who set out to document small moments in the second largest city in Pennsylvania, as well as the surrounding communities.

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Economy • Maddie McGarvey • U.S.
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When photographer Brendan Hoffman discovered Webster City, he knew it was worth exploring. The town now faced an immense uphill battle after Electrolux closed. The home appliance company that had provided years of employment for the residents relocated its factory to Juarez, Mexico.

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Brendan Hoffman • Economy • Prime Collective • U.S.