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John Comino-James first made the journey from Oxfordshire, England, to Cuba in 2002 to meet the man his daughter would eventually marry. It was his first visit to the Caribbean island, but something about it touched him on an emotional level and he’s been going back ever since.

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Tomas van Houtryve has been photographing communism around the world for the past seven years. His interest was piqued while studying in Nepal. He also traveled to China, Cuba, Laos, Moldova, North Korea and Vietnam. The images he took in those countries are now published in his book, “Behind the Curtains.”

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The son of Cuban parents, Baldomero Fernandez grew up in Miami hearing stories about the “homeland” throughout his childhood. He first visited Cuba in 2000 and began working on a photo project to document his experience discovering a place that he had never seen before, but that seemed vaguely familiar.

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