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Behold the facekini

- 08 - 10 - 14

They’re called “facekinis,” and they’re a trend sweeping Chinese beaches. Photographer Peng Yangjun captured a series of women in the odd garments on the beaches of Qingdao, a city in the eastern Shandong province.

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Chongqing, China, has swelled in size to become one of the biggest cities on Earth. Documentary photographer Andri Tambunan said he traveled to this boomtown, like many of its migrants, for its alluring energy, spicy food and beautiful women.

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Andri Tambunan • China • Development • World
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When Chen Liyan was just 1 year old, her mother abandoned her and her father, who now suffers from serious pulmonary tuberculosis. Despite her young age, Liyan has taken the role of caretaker for her ailing father. Photographer Jia DaiTengFei captures her enduring essence in his project “Smile to Life.”

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Most newlyweds want their weddings to be picture perfect, but a growing number of Chinese couples are saying cheese in a big way – with pre-wedding photography ranging from $500 to $20,000. The finished albums are ultimately displayed at the actual wedding ceremony as a type of status symbol.

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American photographer Darcy Holdorf says aspiring actors in China’s booming film industry spend a majority of their time waiting for work. Based in Shanghai, she recently visited nearby Zhejiang province to look at the lives of extras working in one of the world’s largest film studios.

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Photojournalist Alain Le Bacquer spent seven years exploring the underground artist scene in Beijing before publishing a book on the subject in 2008. He returned to China's capital city two years later to follow up on upcoming artists. His newist project looks at the emerging second generation of talent.

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Alain Le Bacquer • Asia • China • Picturetank • World
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The majority of glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau are shrinking rapidly, according to a comprehensive study published this year. Photographer Sean Gallagher recently visited the region to document how rising temperatures have affected the vulnerable communities and ecosystems on “the roof of the world.”

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China • Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting • Sean Gallagher • Tibet • Weather • World
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Tomas van Houtryve has been photographing communism around the world for the past seven years. His interest was piqued while studying in Nepal. He also traveled to China, Cuba, Laos, Moldova, North Korea and Vietnam. The images he took in those countries are now published in his book, “Behind the Curtains.”

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