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In the middle of a Canadian cornfield, photographer Chloe Ellingson came upon a rare find — the glowing single screen of a drive-in movie theater. She spent time at the Mustang Drive-in outside Guelph, Ontario, documenting the regulars who spent their summer nights and weekends there.

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Photographer Vittoria Mentasti traveled to Iqaluit, the remote capital of Canada’s Nunavut territory in the Arctic North. The only way in and out of Iqaluit is by plane, and one of the only roads that lead away from the city is called Road to Nowhere.

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“This series sprung out of a natural lure towards the beauty of laboring women,” said photographer Jenna Shouldice. While she recognizes it’s not traditional for photographers to be involved with their subjects, she says childbirth is one situation where crossing that boundary is warranted.

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David Hall’s photographs of scenery and creatures off the coast of Canada in the Pacific Northwest portray serenity under the water, which belie the extreme challenges he faces to get his images. “You’re photographing in water rather than in air, so it makes everything far more difficult,” he said.

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The death of film

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Photographer Robert Burley has been documenting the demise of analog photography in the transition to the digital age since 2005. He started the project after discovering the Kodak Canada complex in his native Toronto was being shut down in response to the drop in the demand for film.

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The Occupy movement has captured the media’s attention for almost two months. What began outside of Wall Street quickly launched in cities across the globe. Mario Strim photographed participants in Vancouver, British Columbia, in response to an iReport challenge.

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