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Dan Winters, known for his iconic portraits of people of interest, has seen everyone from President Barack Obama to Mr. Rogers and Tupac Shakur through his viewfinder. He and the subject work together to produce a work with raw emotion and thought.

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Arthur Grace’s archive from his 40-year career as a photojournalist includes Americans in everyday life as well as some memorable U.S. historical events, including the Boston school busing crisis, Olympic events and presidential campaigns. For Grace, reflecting on those images now, “every one has meaning.”

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Tomasz Tomaszewski documented the outdated sugar cane industry in Java, Indonesia, and the mechanized sugar beet industry in the Netherlands. He is one of six photographers capturing the global impact of the Dutch sugar industry as a part of a collaborative project, “The Sweet and Sour Story of Sugar."

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Martine Franck, a Belgian photographer known for understatement and elegance in her work, died at age 74 after a long battle with cancer on Thursday. Photographer Elliott Erwitt, a good friend and colleague, said what characterized her the most was the modesty and intellect not usually found in photographers.

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