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Since South Sudan gained its independence, continued violence and food shortages have pushed 65,000 Sudanese refugees a town that can’t support the influx of people. The people suffer from diarrhea, malnutrition and other water-borne diseases. Photographer John Stanmeyer documents the health crisis.

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Africa • John Stanmeyer • VII Photo Agency
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While many people are clearing their bookshelves of bulky printed books in exchange for e-books, Laura Noel is piling the most damaged and undesired of the books in her living room. She created these artistic photographs with discarded books to reflect the evolution of reading and passing of time.

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Laura Noel • Library • U.S.
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For his project exploring the small mountain towns and mining communities in the American West, Bryan Schutmaat tried to emanate the beauty and sorrow of Richard Hugo’s poetry. The poet’s work focusing on the Northwest during the Depression often directed Schutmaat to certain towns.

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During his first visit to Libya in 2011, Mads Nissen photographed the people involved in the emerging civil war. Nissen returned to the hotspots of the civil war in 2012 to find demolished, abandoned buildings and homes. The silence, he said, was in ways scarier than the noise of war.

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Conflict Photography • Libya • Mads Nissen • Middle East • Panos Pictures • World
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Bhopal residents fell victim to the world’s worst industrial disasters in December 1984, and for many, the nightmare isn’t over. Photographer Alex Masi visited Bhopal, India, and found children with neurological and physical defects after being exposed to drinking water contaminated with chemicals.

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Stephanie Sinclair documented 11-year-old Destaye's wedding in 2008 for her award-winning project on child marriage. Four years later, Sinclair met Destaye again as a 15-year-old mother and homemaker. The publication of these photos marks the first annual International Day of the Girl Child.

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Africa • Ethiopia • Religion • Stephanie Sinclair • VII Photo Agency • World
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Rising tensions in India’s northeastern Assam province erupted in July, turning already impoverished ethnic groups into refugees when both simply want to be recognized and supported by the government. Photographer Vivek Singh recently visited the razed villages and refugee camps.

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The women in the California state prison system often go in as young ladies and are released years, or even decades, later into a world with no work, few friends and a family that has continued to live and grow without them. Finally out, they have to readjust to freedom.

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Black-and-white • Dana Ullman • Prison • U.S.
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