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When Wendy Sacks is taking a portrait of a child for her series “Immersed in Living Water,” the water is her paint. As a child she painted with her mother, who was an artist, and when she’s working today, she can feel the palette knife in her hands.

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Fine Art Photography • Portraits • Wendy Sacks
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Alex Seifalian’s lab at University College London is helping humans who lose body parts to repair their bodies the way a newt would if it lost its tail – by growing another. Photographer Seamus Murphy visited the lab on assignment with the Daily Mail to document the lab's work.

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Fernando Moleres, a Spanish photographer who strives for positive change through his work, has won the Tim Hetherington Grant from World Press Photo to continue his project on child prisoners in Sierra Leone. Moleres will receive 20,000 euros to continue the project, “Waiting for an opportunity.”

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Africa • Panos Pictures • Prison • World Press Photo
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Photographer Anne Berry created fine-art photographs of primates behind glass, capturing the nostalgia of the animals living in captivity and illustrating human’s purposeful separation from the natural world. “I want people to feel some melancholy and empathy” when looking at the images, she said.

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On the Moscow metro

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Photograper Tomer Ifrah arrived in Russia’s capital in the middle of winter and discovered the Moscow metro, which intrigued him because it was the only place in the city where all ages and stature of people in the same area.

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Russia • Tomer Ifrah • World
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Photographer Adam Ewing took portraits of Richmond residents who had groomed their head and facial hair for their roles as extras in Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln.” The clothing, poses, and style of the portraits mix modern and 19th century aesthetics.

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Adam Ewing • Entertainment • Lincoln • Portraits • U.S.
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From festive parades to bloody warzones, Magnum Photos has been capturing iconic images since 1947. Throughout the industry changes over the years, Magnum – one of the first and most recognized photographer cooperatives in the world - has stayed busy and relevant.

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Photographer Ake Ericson visited Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon in September to show how the ongoing civil war is affecting civilians, especially children. Many are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, he said, and you can see the distress in their eyes.

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Åke Ericson • Children's Day • Refugees • Syria
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