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Photographer Thorne Anderson went to Iraq in the months before the war. He said the country felt claustrophobic under Saddam Hussein's dictatorship and the war seemed inevitable, yet it still felt surreal when the bombing began.

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After losing his leg on duty for the Iraqi Army, Hussein was told by his fiance's father that their wedding was off until Hussein had a prosthetic leg. Prospects for his marriage looked grim. But when the right person saw his story through Ali Arkady's photographs, the wounded veteran's luck turned around.

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25 years ago, Billy Howard took portraits of people with HIV/AIDS at their homes around the U.S., then gave them a print and asked them to write what it was like to live with this disease. Some took months to get it back to Howard. One man took a year. He told Howard it was because it felt like he was writing his will.

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Photography student Michael Anthony Schmidt takes the Staten Island Ferry at least three times a week to get to school. At first he was just people-watching, but about three months ago he started taking pictures of his fellow passengers. “It’s pretty wild,” he said. “The diversity is just incredible.”

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Heidi Lender had never liked guns, but since the guy she was dating collected guns, she decided she had to try to understand his draw to them. Lender took self-portraits with different guns. She then visited a shooting range to fire a rifle for the first time, using her self-portraits as targets.

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Henry Grossman spent four years photographing The Beatles as they did everything from perform in concerts and pose for magazine covers to party late into the night and pour milk with bedhead in the morning. His never-before-seen photographs provide an intimate look at the pop culture icons.

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Like many newspapers that once set agendas for their communities and brought in huge profits, The Philadelphia Inquirer is searching for revenue and relevance in today’s digital culture. Photographer Will Steacy has spent four years with unrestricted access to the people and machines running the paper.

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When Israeli photographer Natan Dvir first visited New York City, the skyscrapers and larger-than-life advertisements overwhelmed him. Everything was branded. He had never seen billboards at ground level before and was struck by the juxtaposition between the giant advertisements and the pedestrians on the street.

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