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Many describe London in its central, historic light, known for its world-famous sites, royal estates, unique monuments and architecture. But to German photographer Philiipp Ebeling, that is only one side of London, a side that largely misses the point.

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For one week, photographer Oriol Segon Torra documented boys, ages 10 to 14, as they attended a military summer camp in Mogyoród, Hungary. The military lifestyle fascinates some. Others get dropped off by their parents, many of whom are Hungarian nationalists, so they can learn about the harsh realities of adult life.

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The Central African Republic is “a country where everything is broken,” Michael Zumstein says. The French-Swiss photographer arrived there in September as the country was descending into a steep spiral of sectarian violence.

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When the Super Bowl kicks off Sunday in New Jersey, photographer John Biever will be there. Just as he has for all of the 47 other Super Bowls. Biever is one of four photographers who have been on the field for every championship game since 1967.

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Waves from below

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As underwater photographer and avid surfer Mark Tipple can attest, the ocean has a life of its own. Through his gallery "Mare Vida," he developed a nonconventional view of what lies beneath the surface; a view not of the fish or the coral, but the unseen life of the sea.

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Australia • Mark Tipple • Ocean • World

It was photographer Daniel Cronin's curiosity that brought him to Orlando, Florida to document the Holy Land Theme Park Experience, a 1200-square-foot replica of biblical Jerusalem a few miles from Disney World and other well-known theme parks.

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Daniel Cronin • Florida • Religion • U.S.
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Photographer Brian Driscoll traveled to Egypt in 2011 to document the revolution. In the process, he connected with several young people involved in the protests. He tried to keep in contact after returning home and, through them, learned of a side of the revolution his photos had left unexposed.

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German photographer Fred Huning tells the narrative of his family experiencing the delivery of a stillborn child, finding love and ultimately having a healthy baby in his series “One Circle,” a purposely nonlinear book of photographs, poetry and music lyrics.

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