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To juxtapose South Korea’s past with its present, Julia Fullerton-Batten put Korean girls in hanbok — a centuries-old dress typically worn only at ceremonies and special occasions — and set them against the modern backdrop of Seoul, the country's capital.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten • Korea • World

Over the course of four months, Giorgia Tobiolo photographed her neighbor Peter — a 74-year-old man who has lived in his house since 1966, remained single his whole life and follows the same routine every single day.

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Giorgia Tobiolo • London • Portraits • World
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Italian photographer Marco Vernaschi started a group called Biophilia to help rural people in Argentina develop and commercialize their own products. He aims to bring their goods to the international marketplace while respecting the communities’ individual cultural identities and values.

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Argentina • Marco Vernaschi • Portraits • World
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Photographer Lottie Davies re-created her first memory to start her photo series “Memories and Nightmares.” She sees a connection between first memories and nightmares: Both are usually fragmented, and they stick because they often have a shocking or traumatic element, she said.

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Fine Art Photography • Lottie Davies • World
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Call it a mix between Halloween, New Year's and Carnival: The Malanka festival is steeped in Romanian folk tradition but still vibrantly observed in parts of Ukraine with costumes, carols and lavish meals. Italian-born photographer Alessandro Vincenzi photographed the multi-day festival at this years celebration.

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Alessandro Vincenzi • Ukraine • World

For nearly eight years, photographer Txema Salvans traveled the roads of Spain’s Mediterranean coast to document the lives of alleged prostitutes. Salvans witnessed the trials of these “sirens of the highway,” standing by traffic signs and abandoned furniture as they lured travelers into their web of seduction.

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Photo Book • Spain • Txema Salvans • World

By juxtaposing original portraits of Native Americans with photos of herself dressed in garments from her native India, photographer Annu Palakunnathu Matthew seems to ask viewers to scrutinize reinforced stereotypes about the two cultures.

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Annu Palakunnathu Matthew • Black-and-white • India • Native American • Portraits • U.S. • World
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After graduating in 2011, photographer Sara Swaty returned to her hometown of St. Louis with plans to continue a project. She found a muse, she said, in an old high school classmate. She remembered Hayley as a cute, funny lesbian. But now Hayley was Harrison, transitioning to a man.

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Black-and-white • Portraits • Sara Swaty
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