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Kathleen Robbins grew up in the Mississippi Delta, a fertile stretch of land that author James C. Cobb called “the most Southern place on Earth.” Farms there have been passed down from generation to generation. But that’s all starting to change.

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Kathleen Robbins • Mississippi • U.S.
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In his new photo book “Gasoline,” David Campany explores gas stations in the post-WWII era through old analogue photographs used in newspapers from 1944 to 1995. The glossy artifacts portray a raw vision of stories years past that can parallel our current problems: price increases, road congestion and a growing consciousness about pollution.

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Shower confessionals

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The best way to get a subject comfortable during a photo shoot, Manjari Sharma found, is to get the person into the shower. Sharma started her shower series about four years ago. She had her subject Anastasia get in the shower, and as the water fell on her, Anastasia relaxed and opened up.

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Manjari Sharma • Portraits • U.S.
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The first time Smita Sharma saw a dolled-up dog, she wasn’t sure quite what to think. “I was just on the subway or walking on the road, doing photography and I was really surprised. I thought they looked like little children dressed up, and they were ... dogs.”

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Dogs • New York • Smita Sharma • U.S.
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The object of a demolition derby is simple: Keep crashing into other cars until yours is the last one running. It’s much like bumper cars – only with real steel and gas-powered engines. It has been a popular attraction at county fairs and racetracks for decades. “It’s a pretty big rush,” said photographer Drew Anthony Smith.

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Pavel Prokopchik traveled to the United States in summer 2012 in search of the American dream. He wanted to debunk it. Prokopchik was born in Russia, raised in Latvia and now lives in the Netherlands. He believes the United States presents itself as a wealthy, unflappable superpower, but he was sure he would find a […]

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Detroit • Pavel Prokopchik • U.S.
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While photographing a small farming and oil community in California’s Central Valley, Sam Comen became fascinated with the lives of young undocumented immigrants who were eligible for the DREAM Act. Once keyed into their network, he learned that they were highly organized and empowered student activists.

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Immigration • Portraits • Sam Comen • U.S.
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Ramón Ruiz began to follow the story of Debbie and Milton. Debbie was not only Milton’s wife, but his caregiver of 15 years as he battled Parkinson’s disease. None of them knew that 2012, the year Milton turned 80, would be his last.

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Black-and-white • Health • Parkinson’s disease • Ramón Ruiz • U.S.
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