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Their traveling name is “The Light of the Little Stars,” a circus troupe of “little people” – people affected by dwarfism. Their small stature does not affect their big star status, said photographer Tatiana Ilina, who took pictures of the performers as they traveled through Russia.

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So many women have come to work in Ivanovo, Russia, that it has been dubbed the “city of brides.” For a year, student photographer Alena Zhandarova used social media to find women living in her hometown, the country’s once-textile capital.

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A Pentecostal drug rehabilitation home about two hours outside of Moscow houses people ready for release from their addictions. Photographer Mae Ryan spent two days there following Irina Pavlova, a resident who had used “krokodile,” a homemade drug with effects similar to heroin.

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When Nancy Borowick met 9-year-old Nadya Rodena in an orphanage in Russia last year, she was drawn to her. The American photojournalist didn't let language barriers stand in the way of getting to know the child, who had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

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The now-small village of Tiksi holds many cherished memories for photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva, who recently returned to her hometown in Russia. During her trip, she documented the town through the eyes of a 13-year-old girl she met, who reminded her of herself as a child.

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Russian photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva spent a year with nomadic reindeer herders throughout the Republic of Yakutia. “I wanted to photograph the beauty of this lifestyle,” she said, adding that most of the people had never had their picture taken.

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In 1991, Alexey Titarenko began to document how the dissolution of the Soviet Union affected the people of St. Petersburg, Russia. The result was his photographic series titled “City of Shadows.” He looks back at the work 20 years later.

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