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Over a 23-year period, from 1907 to 1930, Edward Curtis took more than 2,000 photos of 80 Native American tribes stretching from the Great Plains to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. He then published and sold these photos, along with narrative text, in 20 volumes of work known as “The North American Indian.”

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Photographer Eugene Ellenberg's father was diagnosed with liver and lung cancer in July 2013. After the diagnosis, Eugene documented his dying father’s last days with his camera phone. In these photos, the family was able to say goodbye.

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Animal house

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Having mastered human portraits, Brad Wilson looked for a new challenge in animal portraits. Through the project, he said he felt a connection with man's past life as a part of the natural world. "It's almost a primal moment when you confront a predator and you're the prey," he said.

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Stacy Pearsall began bringing her camera to medical appointments so she could photograph veterans in waiting rooms. Her photographs grew into the Veterans Portrait Project, an ongoing photo series that brings Pearsall across the country, averaging three to four cities in a week.

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For her illuminating series, “Close Distance,” photographer Jannatul Mawa took portraits of maids and the women who employ them in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital. With the simple act of putting the women side by side on the same couch, Mawa disrupted social rules.

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Think you know chickens? Ernest Goh wants you to take another look. Many of these chickens are actually pageant contestants, raised as pets and entered into competitions across different villages in Malaysia. Judges inspect each chicken and choose winners based on their physical assets.

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A small Sufi Muslim group resides in Villanueva de la Vera, Spain, a village of a little more than 2,000 people in the dry and hot Extremadura region. Jose Antonio De Lamadrid, a Spanish photographer, decided to make this rare community his next subject.

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Stories of love found and lost are everywhere. But few romances have had their highs and lows documented by one of the world’s most acclaimed photographers, Jacques Henri Lartigue, or had such glamorous settings. A new exhibition in London documents the arc of Lartigue’s 12-year marriage to Madeleine Messager.

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