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Arthur Grace’s archive from his 40-year career as a photojournalist includes Americans in everyday life as well as some memorable U.S. historical events, including the Boston school busing crisis, Olympic events and presidential campaigns. For Grace, reflecting on those images now, “every one has meaning.”

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After covering the war in Vietnam for Life magazine, photojournalist David Douglas Duncan received a call from NBC president Reuven Frank to shoot the upcoming 1968 Republican and Democratic national conventions. He approached the assignment as a veteran combat photographer.

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If you remember nothing else from Thursday’s CNN Southern Republican Debate, you will probably remember the look former House Speaker Newt Gingrich gave CNN Chief National Correspondent John King after his opening question. Photographer David S. Holloway saw the audience reaction firsthand.

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Turner Broadcasting photographer David S. Holloway recently covered the first three CNN-sponsored Republican presidential debates of the 2012 election cycle. He shares his thoughts on what it's like to document such important political events.

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