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Bhopal residents fell victim to the world’s worst industrial disasters in December 1984, and for many, the nightmare isn’t over. Photographer Alex Masi visited Bhopal, India, and found children with neurological and physical defects after being exposed to drinking water contaminated with chemicals.

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Dutch photographer Jan Banning started taking portraits of homeless people across the southern United States in 2010. He wanted to focus on them as individuals and hopes his images make people look at themselves and possibly rethink their views toward the homeless.

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Photojournalist Ed Kashi spent three weeks in Brazil examining the farming and consumption of sugar and ethanol. He also spent a week traveling to factories in the Netherlands that use sugar as an ingredient. His work is part of a collaborative project, “The Sweet and Sour Story of Sugar."

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Dan Winters, known for his iconic portraits of people of interest, has seen everyone from President Barack Obama to Mr. Rogers and Tupac Shakur through his viewfinder. He and the subject work together to produce a work with raw emotion and thought.

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When commercial photographer O. Winston Link turned his attention to the Norfolk and Western Railway in 1955, he created beautiful and timeless images of one of the last steam-powered locomotive railroad systems in the United States.

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Photographer James Whitlow Delano spent three weeks chasing ghosts of the bygone era of sugar production in Suriname. Delano spent his time focusing on the diverse peoples whose history is intertwined with the sugar production of Dutch Suriname.

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Arthur Grace’s archive from his 40-year career as a photojournalist includes Americans in everyday life as well as some memorable U.S. historical events, including the Boston school busing crisis, Olympic events and presidential campaigns. For Grace, reflecting on those images now, “every one has meaning.”

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Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer traveled to Indonesia, where he documented the modern world of sugar production, its use in manufacturing of goods, and its consumption. The former Dutch colony was once the second largest producer of sugar in the world.

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