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Frank Herfort is fascinated by the uniquely shaped buildings that have seemed to sprout from the ground since the end of the Soviet era. The majority of them are less than 10 years old. They are imposing symbols of creativity and optimism that Herfort suspects would take many people by surprise.

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Photographer Niels Stomps considers himself an explorer of places and people. In 2012, he started a project called "Early birds," a study of the birds and people that populate the area around Utrecht University in the Netherlands and the ways in which they have adapted to their surroundings.

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Kai Wiedenhöfer photographed the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Over the last seven years, he has documented barriers that continue to divide people around the world. An exhibit of his panoramic images is now on display along a surviving stretch of the Iron Curtain.

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Capturing what he couldn’t contain or counteract, photographer Daniel Beltrá took his camera to the skies, peering down at the paradoxical beauty of the Gulf Coast oil disaster. Three years later, he is releasing a book of his aerial images to renew the dialogue about what happened and what people can do about it.

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English photographer Brian Griffin's latest book is a visual autobiography in which he depicts his childhood growing up in the Black Country region of central England by weaving together historical family photographs and highly conceptual portraits.

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Nic Dunlop has spent the past 20 years documenting one of the world’s most divisive and unstable countries. Myanmar, a southeast Asian nation, has been plagued by civil wars and has been under military control since a coup d'état in 1962. Despite recent steps toward democracy, many people in the country remain skeptical.

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David Hall’s photographs of scenery and creatures off the coast of Canada in the Pacific Northwest portray serenity under the water, which belie the extreme challenges he faces to get his images. “You’re photographing in water rather than in air, so it makes everything far more difficult,” he said.

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Terry O’Neill photographed the greats of the ‘60s – The Beatles, Twiggy, the Rolling Stones, Jean Shrimpton – and his friendship with his subjects came through in his work. By catching them candidly, O’Neill redefined reportage photography of stars at a time when studio photography was the norm.

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