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After the Japanese government put a muzzle on Kansuke Yamamoto’s writings, the surreal artist expressed himself through his art. His anti-government ideals peak through his photocompositions, which range from straightforward gelatin prints to combination prints with multiple negatives to multimedia pieces.

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Toshio Shibata takes photographs of structures that normally only a civil engineer would pause to appreciate. Dams and buoys and dirty water are not what anyone would envision while thinking of Japan’s most eye-catching landscapes. But when captured by Shibata, they take on a simple, stark beauty.

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Photographer Shiho Fukada has been covering the effects of Japan's economic crisis since 2009. She found that companies looking to cut costs have replaced full-time jobs with low-paid temp positions. As a result, people without enough money to pay rent in Tokyo are sleeping in Internet cafes.

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Photographer Yasuhiro Ishimoto passed away last week at age 90. “He was revered and influential in the way he helped mold Japanese culture with a Western influence,” said Colin Westerbeck, a photography curator who knew Ishimoto.

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