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Chris Hondros, one of the most accomplished war photographers of his generation, was fatally wounded three years ago while in Libya. A new book, “Testament,” showcases Hondros’ finest work from some of the world’s most dangerous conflicts over the years.

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As the United States and the world wait for the war in Afghanistan to come to a close, so do the allied soldiers still on the ground in the tumultuous country. Photojournalist Andrew Burton traveled to the region in January and again in March to get a better understanding of the war.

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For more than a decade, images of war and death have filled most Americans’ minds when they think of Afghanistan. What is easily forgotten in times of war is the people. Daniel Berehulak gives a glimpse into daily life in the country’s capital of Kabul, as well the shifting security forces.

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Photographer Jonathan Torgovnik traveled to the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo last year to reveal the lasting effects of a little-known conflict. In 2009, violence erupted among villages over fishing rights in Congo, forcing an estimated 165,000 people to find refuge across the Ubangui River.

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Photojournalist Chris Hondros was on assignment in Misrata, Libya, when he suffered a fatal brain injury on April 20, 2011. But over the years, his lens gravitated toward children, some of those "most affected in these conflicts" that he covered.

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When photographer Shaul Schwarz visited Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, in 2008 to document CNN Hero Maria Ruiz, he found a dangerous world. Blown away by “the craziness of what’s going on down there,” he returned a week later and started an ongoing documentary project.

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British photojournalist Peter Dench has been documenting “the ordinary and the extraordinary” in England for over a decade. A collection of his distinctive, quirky images will soon be published in “England Uncensored” – the first book financed by the crowd-funding website Emphas.is.

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People all over the world dress up on the eve of the New Year. But in Edinburgh, Scotland, the locals take dressing up to a new extreme – by dressing as Vikings. Photographer Jeff J. Mitchell captured the beginning of this annual event, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, or last day of the year, celebrations.

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