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What many accomplish in Photoshop or with hours of cutting and pasting, photographer Mark Hartman found in the streets of Panama: A mishmash of colors, shapes, images and letters. When workers shred expired outdoor advertisements, the vinyl remains left behind provide an artist effect.

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When Julia Kozerski began losing weight in 2009, she started an intimate, “brutally honest” self-portrait project, “Half,” documenting the process and her progress. She photographed her unclothed, changing body and found the process consoled her.

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Eleanor Callahan, the wife and muse of renowned American photographer Harry Callahan, passed away February 28 at the age of 95. They were “attached at the hip,” and Eleanor’s support of Harry enabled him to create some of the most important photographs of the middle 20th century.

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Since the 1970s, fine-art photographer Troy Paiva has been exploring junkyards and ghost towns. After a night photography class in 1989, Paiva knew he wanted to connect the sparsely lit style with abandoned lots. He bought his first “real camera” and went to work.

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Through layered photographic images, the “Greater Than The Sum” project explores themes of past and present, personal and professional, and the operational dynamic of an artist collective. Luceo Images - a cooperative of young photographers - opens a one-night exhibit of the work in New York on Friday.

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Craig Royal has been legally blind since birth. He picked up a camera four years ago and has been using photography as a creative outlet ever since. In his series “Reflection Abstracts,” he uses “the water as a canvas, reflections as pigment and wind as a brush.”

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