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After covering Libya’s civil war in 2011, French photographer Mathias Depardon decided he was not cut out for conflict photography. He then thought about what is left behind after a conflict, and began researching the coastline of the Black Sea "to trace the visual scars of past Eastern European conflicts."

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With all eyes on the small country that borders the Caspian Sea in the Caucasus region, Andreas Bro was able to enter Azerbaijan and document another side of the country. Though democratic in appearance, Bro says it has a dark side that limits basic rights and creates “a toxic environment of paranoia and fear of the leaders.”

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When friends living in Eastern European nations began complaining of noisy, drunken tourists in their historical towns, American photojournalist Amanda Rivkin wanted to dig deeper. She tagged along for two “stag,” or bachelor, weekends in Prague, Czech Republic.

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In 1994, photographers Alessandro Albert and Paolo Verzone set up a 4×5-inch folding camera on the beaches of Brighton, England, and Rimini, Italy. Hoping to reveal the different cultures of the two beaches, they captured portraits of people on holiday. Years later, they picked the project back up.

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In 1986, one of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant’s nuclear reactor exploded. In its place sprang the small town of Slavutych, around 30 miles from Pripyat, the nuclear plant's home. There, photographer Maisie Crow found a town nostalgic for Pripyat, yet afraid of following the fate of the abandoned city.

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When Nancy Borowick met 9-year-old Nadya Rodena in an orphanage in Russia last year, she was drawn to her. The American photojournalist didn't let language barriers stand in the way of getting to know the child, who had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

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