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The object of a demolition derby is simple: Keep crashing into other cars until yours is the last one running. It’s much like bumper cars – only with real steel and gas-powered engines. It has been a popular attraction at county fairs and racetracks for decades. “It’s a pretty big rush,” said photographer Drew Anthony Smith.

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Photographer Carrie Levy likes to shoot naked men, preferably as they lie on the floor. They are caught open-mouthed, drooling, contorted or grimacing in moments of pain or pleasure. They are abject – they are objects. She said that she doesn’t find the photographs sexy, but she doesn’t mind if other people do.

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“The Errand of the Eye: Photographs by Rose Mandel” at the de Young Museum in San Francisco is the first retrospective of a photographer considered innovative and groundbreaking by her contemporaries yet generally unknown in the larger art world.

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Ramón Ruiz began to follow the story of Debbie and Milton. Debbie was not only Milton’s wife, but his caregiver of 15 years as he battled Parkinson’s disease. None of them knew that 2012, the year Milton turned 80, would be his last.

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As legendary photographer Elliott Erwitt turns 85 on July 26, CNN looks back at memorable photographs he has made of older people throughout his career. He has a remarkable ability to transcend language and capture humorous moments of everyday life, something few photographers can consistently pull off.

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“This series sprung out of a natural lure towards the beauty of laboring women,” said photographer Jenna Shouldice. While she recognizes it’s not traditional for photographers to be involved with their subjects, she says childbirth is one situation where crossing that boundary is warranted.

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Adam Reign started photographing the vogue dance scene in Harlem last year. He found that ballroom culture is more than expressive dancing, fashion and music – it’s a lifestyle. And with roots tracing back to New York’s gay and transgender black and Hispanic community, it’s also a haven for those who are often ostracized.

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After the Chicago Sun-Times laid off its entire photography department, CNN commissioned former staffer Brian Powers to shoot this series of portraits of his colleagues holding something meaningful from their careers. Several of the photographers said they feel like they lost more than just a job.

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