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Animal house

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Having mastered human portraits, Brad Wilson looked for a new challenge in animal portraits. Through the project, he said he felt a connection with man's past life as a part of the natural world. "It's almost a primal moment when you confront a predator and you're the prey," he said.

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Think you know chickens? Ernest Goh wants you to take another look. Many of these chickens are actually pageant contestants, raised as pets and entered into competitions across different villages in Malaysia. Judges inspect each chicken and choose winners based on their physical assets.

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Pigeons – love them or hate them, everyone has an opinion about them. In big cities, they are often regarded as filthy or diseased and referred to as “flying rats.” But Brooklyn-based photographer Mansura Khanam feels these avian underdogs deserve a closer look.

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Takayuki Maekawa has stalked and shot wild animals, but he’s not a hunter. The photographer has traveled to Asia, India, Africa and North America to capture the human side of his subjects in his images. He waits, sometimes 10 hours a day for as long as a month, for the animal and the picture.

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“Dread and wonder” is how photographer Bryant Austin described the feeling of a solid, mighty tap on his shoulder from a humpback whale. He sometimes floats in the ocean for hours waiting for the giant creatures to come to him. It took six years to complete his latest book, “Beautiful Whale."

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Right before photographer Theron Humphrey started a 50-state photo-project road trip, he made a stop in a Marietta, Georgia, animal shelter and adopted a puppy, Maddie. She accompanied him across 65,000 miles, quickly becoming what Humphrey describes as his best friend.

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Photographer Anne Berry created fine-art photographs of primates behind glass, capturing the nostalgia of the animals living in captivity and illustrating human’s purposeful separation from the natural world. “I want people to feel some melancholy and empathy” when looking at the images, she said.

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In the pre-paparazzi world, Hollywood studios carefully controlled the images of stars. Knowing that staged photo shoots made an actor more sympathetic with the public, studios set up their big names with pets - but not necessarily with ones they owned.

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