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‘My New York’: A living museum

Mikolaj Nowacki is in love with New York City, and he wants to share it with the world.

The Polish-born lawyer-turned-photographer travels the world for prestigious publications such as The Sunday Times Magazine, Le Monde and Neue Zurcher Zeitung, but the Big Apple holds a particular place in his heart.

“I love New York's energy and diversity,” said Nowacki, speaking about the photos in his collection “My New York.” “For me, New York is the embodiment of life. This energy for me is almost tangible.

“I had very ambitious plans to visit museums, but all these plans just failed because the best museum for me is the living museum, New York itself.”

Nowacki said once he started walking New York’s streets this past summer, he couldn’t stop.
“I walked until my energy was finished, shooting all the time,” he said.

His favorite picture is of a businessman caught in a heavy downpour.

“People were running away in different directions. I took photographs of different people, and I turned around and looked at this man, maybe 50 or 70 meters from me, and I knew that this was the picture I was going to take,” Nowacki said. “He was heading directly toward me, and when he was a couple of meters from me, I took two or three frames and that was it. It was totally intuitive. …
“The person in the rain shows this incredible energy and the rush for success. This picture describes my understanding a feeling for New York.”
Some of his shots in “My New York” come from the famous Coney Island boardwalk.

“I felt so good there,” he said. “That was Puerto Rican Pride Day, and there were a lot of people.

“Again, it was this embodiment of energy, joy and life in New York. Everyone was dancing freely, and there were some people looking weirdly, but I love this. For me, New York is a place where you can be yourself 100%. That's what I love the most. All characters in the world can feel that it's their place.”
- Kat Kinsman, CNN