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Magnum Santas

Editor's note: This story originally published in 2012.

Since 1947, Magnum Photos has been publishing work by some of the world’s most talented photographers. The esteemed photo co-operative covers conflicts, disasters, industry, society, people, politics—the list goes on.

And as is often true of photojournalists, many of them turn their cameras to non-news. Throughout the years, Magnum’s photographers have captured Santa Claus around the globe in humorous circumstances.

What would they ask for, given the chance? Here’s what they said:

Elliott Erwitt: I would like one pound of beluga caviar.

Bruce Gilden: My two front teeth.

Richard Kalvar: For Christmas this year, I would like a big, interesting, well-paying assignment for people who appreciate my work, and a pair of gloves.

Thomas Dworzak:
-fresh powdery snow
-sound of distant children's choirs in the dark
-smell of gingerbread cookies
-walks in the forest
-excited laughter of kids you hear when passing under a window when they get the gifts

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