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Capturing Iraq through a Humvee window

Working as a conflict photographer can be a dangerous job, or as Benjamin Lowy describes it, “tantamount to suicidal behavior.”

For safety, Lowy traveled with American soldiers on missions throughout Iraq in armored Humvees. After a conversation with his mother in 2005, he decided to respond to what he felt was the indifference of people in the United States and capture daily life in Iraq.

“My only view of Iraq was through the inches-thick bulletproof window,” he said. So he took photos from the passenger seat, offering a unique look at the country.

“These [window] images are not intimate - they reflect a distant and detached perspective of a country so empty, so desolate and of a situation so dire,” Lowy said.

In the foreword to Lowy’s book, “Iraq | Perspectives,” renowned photographer William Eggleston said the work is “an opportunity to see as an American solider sees when in Iraq.”

During his embeds, Lowy was issued night-vision goggles. Attaching the goggles to his camera with duct tape, dental floss and chewing gum, he documented an ominous view of American soldiers and Iraqi citizens.

With this two-part series, Lowy said he aimed to create an aesthetic that went beyond typical war imagery and overcame public apathy.

“I hope that viewers are compelled to question the meaning of these devastating events and their long-lasting effects on Americans and Iraqis.”

- Elizabeth I. Johnson, CNN