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Occupy Vancouver: Portraits of the 99%

The Occupy movement has captured the media’s attention for almost two months. What began as an idea to stand, sit and sleep outside Wall Street quickly launched in cities across the globe, including Vancouver, British Columbia.

CNN iReport contributor Mario Strim read about the movement and wanted to photograph the  Occupy Vancouver participants in response to an iReport challenge. What he found was an enthusiastic group of people committed to a cause.

“The diverse group of people I spoke with and photographed were welcoming, polite and passionate about the reasons they were supporting the Occupy movement,” Strim said.

Believing that “every face tells a story,” Strim set out to take portraits of the demonstrators. Equipped with a pocket-sized Fuji X100 camera and a 35mm fixed lens, Strim was able to capture the faces of the protest. Their expressions represent the weight they place on their message, he said.

“These individuals were not looking for personal media attention,” Strim said, “but to simply express themselves and collaborate with other like-minded people.” He described the majority of them as “informed, well-educated, middle class individuals that are not necessarily living in the tent encampments.”

- Elizabeth I. Johnson, CNN

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